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H.265 become the trend products in 2016

                   H.265 become the trend products in 2016

                                                        Edit by CCDCAM 2015-01-30


    H.265 standard around the existing video encoding standard H.264, to retain some of the original 

technology, while some of the relevant technology to improve. The new technology uses advanced 

technology to improve the relationship between stream, encoding quality, delay and complexity of 

the algorithm, to achieve the optimal settings.

    There are a large number of patents in the research and development of H.265 by Hisilicon

Hisilicon currently has support for H.265 decoding chip,and has been put in production.

    Our company will vigorously launch H.265 products in 2016.

     Now,Let‘s compare H.265 and H.264,and know more about H.265.



    Under the same video quality, H.265 and H.264 storage space occupation and bandwidth comparison

    In pursuit of the most efficient storage, our camera use H.265 and H.264 hybrid video compression 

technology, for preview and playback in mobile phone, it is H.264; for downloading in pc, it is H2.65 in 

the same resolution , it can save around 50% more storage space than any cameras with H.264 compression

    For example, A has 32GB Micro SD card built-in which equals to 32GB storage in any H.264

cameras, B has 32GB micro SD card built in wich equals to 32GB storage  in H.265  is equal to 80GB

 in any H.264 cameras.

    IF use HDD. for record, DVR need HDD. will be reduced by half . 8*4TB HDD. to 3*4TB HDD.Is that 

attractive to you.


    H.264 in each macro block (macroblock/MB) size is fixed to the 16x16 pixels, while the H.265 encoding units 

can be selected from the smallest 8x8 to the largest 64x64.There’s a lot more flexibility, lifelike images more vibrant 

colors,camera motion detection more precise.


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