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Add WIFI camera to WIFI kits

When you want to replace broken camera, camera lost WIFI setting in restore or add new camera to WIFI KITS

We can follow steps below

  1. First you need to connect camera and NVR directly with network cable

    connect direct.jpg

  2. Now login NVR and click right-mouse manul select Channel setting add WIFI camera by Search


  3. When NVR shows camera's video,we can do next step

    click right-mouse manul select WIFI setting


  4. When you see config success(Green message)

    Now we can pull out the network cable. Camera will change to WIFI connection state.

    Next turn to step 2 add the camera again(WIFI  IP is not the same as RJ45 IP,so need to add again )

    IF channel full, delete the channel of RJ45 IP first  is fine.

  5. If it shows config fail(Red message)

    Reboot camera and redo step3