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Thermal & Optical Bi-spectrum Network Camera Problem

Q:What is the AI Thermal Camera software  username and password?

A:User name:admin Password:123456

Q:What is the IE client  username and password?

A:User name:admin Password:

Q:What is the thermal senor module resolution  and brand?


Q:What isthe optocal's resolution?


Q:What is the temperature measurement range?

A:Range:Temperature detection rang:-15° C-150° C; precision:min ± 0.3  °C.

Q:How many person detection at the same time?

A:Support 4-6.

Q:How far is the detection distance?


Q:How to open LED light?

A:Set  in IE.

Q:What is the protection level?


Q:What is the product characteristics?

A:Fast ,Contact-Free,Multi-Person Detection.

Q:What is the Black body?

A:The black body is an ideal radiator, which can absorb the radiation energy of all wavelengths without reflection and transmission of energy. In other words, the absolute black body only emits infrared electromagnetic waves, but does not reflect the electromagnetic waves of the external environment, so that its radiation is only related to temperature, which effectively avoids the interference of the external environment and the influence of its own materials.Therefore, the infrared thermal imaging system can use the characteristics of the black body to carry out temperature measurement calibration: set the black body radiation source (calibration device) within the field of view of the thermal imaging camera, establish an accurate correspondence between grayscale and temperature, and perform real-time temperature measurement correction. The corresponding display of video screen and personal body temperature can greatly improve the accuracy of human body temperature measurement and reduce the temperature measurement error to ±0.3℃.